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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tech Stock Trading Alert: Elephant Talk Communications (OTCBB: ETAK) -- "Securing the Mobile Cloud"

Point Roberts WA, New York, New York- June 6, 2011,, a leader in sector stock research features a tech stock alert for Elephant Talk Communications (OTCBB: ETAK), an international provider of business software and services to the telecommunications and financial services industries. Shares of ETAK jumped in Thursday’s and Friday’s trading on higher than average volume.
It’s notable that ETAK reported bullish hiring news on June 2, “Elephant Talk Communications Hires HR Pro to Manage Worldwide Hiring Growth”, during the same week that US job data was significantly lower than expected.
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Elephant Talk is one of the top recommendations in Josh Levine’s Microcap Investor Newsletter.
Highlights from Josh Levine's recent commentary on ETAK:
Levine described Elephant Talk's business model as "Securing the Mobile Cloud." He noted that Elephant Talk intends to manage the mobile cloud, or mobile Internet, to provide access to mobile networks for businesses around the global that are non-telecom, non-tech companies but have huge customer databases. Such companies do not want to invest in IT and telecom infrastructure such as antennas and spectrum, but will look to companies such as Elephant Talk to reach their customers and stakeholders, Levine said.
Levine noted that ValidSoft has advanced its business through its arrangement with Visa Europe and other financial institutions with its fraud-prevention solutions. Levine pointed out that Visa Europe and its 4,000 member banks handle 28 billion transactions a year.
ValidSoft's suite of advanced telecom-based solutions enables banks and other financial institutions to secure all transaction channels, is relatively inexpensive to implement, and is invisible to the customer while maintaining customer privacy, Levine said. ValidSoft has been awarded the European Privacy Seal, he noted.
What makes ValidSoft's solution so revolutionary is that it uses an out-of-band approach, according to Levine. This means that if you want to check or validate what is happening on one network (i.e., Internet), you need another, completely independent network (i.e., mobile) to verify what is happening on the first network.
Additionally, ValidSoft has the world's first commercially available four-factor authentication solution utilizing a single integrated platform. This guarantees a level of security that no competitor can even remotely match today, Levine said.
In pilot programs in the U.K. and Australia, ValidSoft's technology has demonstrated that it reduces transaction false positives from an industry average of 90% to virtually none, Levine said.
Levine also pointed out the significance of Elephant Talk and ValidSoft's strategy of positioning their services in the mobile cloud. As mobile phones are adopted by larger populations, especially where many "unbanked" communities rely on such a device for the transfer and receipt of funds, the mobile or smart phone will rapidly become the dominant form of electronic payment. Levine added that ValidSoft's technology also can provide security to a wide range of transactions in the mobile cloud beyond financial services to include health monitoring, among others.
For the fast-emerging arena of near-field communications (NFC) mobile payments, or the Digital Wallet, Levine said ValidSoft is ideally situated to address privacy and security issues relating to smart phones. The fact is, he said, ValidSoft's technologies were developed for this method and the company had long anticipated that NFC would be the future for transactions. The challenge was to develop a solution within the boundaries that respected the laws and regulations of privacy and data integrity. ValidSoft has succeeded in doing this due primarily to its out-of-band approach, which is now far ahead of competitors, Levine said.
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