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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cloud Computing Stock News; Leading IBM Business Partner Launches Next Generation Offering for Converting Lotus Notes Applications

NEW YORK - June 2, 2011 ( cloud computing stocks newswire) – GBS Enterprises (OTCBB:GBSX), announced that its subsidiary, GROUP Business Software AG, has unveiled a combination of expert services and accelerator tools, called Transformer 2.0, that allows enterprises to transfer large portfolios of Lotus Notes applications to the Web. The launch event was held was held in conjunction with IBM (NYSE:IBM) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Museum in Cambridge MA on the evening of May 25, 2011. The location was significant because MIT is world renowned for fostering innovation and advancement in technology and Cambridge was also the birthplace of Lotus.

"Helping our customers move to a future with rich capabilities in the cloud is extremely important to our Notes and Domino community," stated Kristen Lauria, VP of Marketing, IBM Collaboration Solutions. "It is a game changer. GBS has provided our customers with a path to transform their Lotus business applicationsto the next generation of web and mobile-capable collaborative applications."Speaking at the event were Joerg Ott, CEO and other executives of GBS Enterprises along with Alistair Rennie, GM, IBM Collaboration Solutions, Kristen Lauria, VP of Marketing, IBM Collaboration Solutions, and Kevin Cavanaugh, VP Business & Technical Strategy, IBM Collaboration Solutions. The event also featured Ryan Chin, Research Specialist at MIT who talked about some of the newest innovations being developed.
For the first time, organizations have a set of analytical and executable processes that transform their existing Lotus Notes rich client applications on to the Web, where they can now be run in the cloud, on mobile devices and be more easily integrate with social media platforms. Transformer provides the continuity of the past with all the benefits that are now available in the latest release of IBM Domino.
This comes at a time when organizations are rapidly embracing new ways to develop and deliver applications to their users. By 2014, 40% of all new business applications will be delivered via subscription or self-service via cloud technology. With over 10 million active Lotus Notes applications worldwide, it is no surprise there is increasing pressure on organizations to web-enable these applications. The challenge is doing so without having to invest in time and resource intensive re-development projects, risky data migration and costly retraining of staff.
GBS points to the very high demand for these conversions as proof companies want to migrate and have not been able to figure out how. "Every day we see companies wanting to move their applications to take advantage of the web, but they have been unable to justify the high financial cost," says Joerg Ott, CEO of GBS. "Transformer provides a turnkey solution combining platform expertise with technology, allowing clients to preserve their existing investments in intellectual capital."
For nearly 20 years, GBS has been singularly focused on delivering compelling business solutions and innovation to the Lotus market. Building on this expertise GBS has developed a comprehensive set of tools and services to plan and execute an orderly and fast migration. "Trying to migrate these applications to a totally different technology like Sharepoint or Google Apps, is disruptive and requires huge amounts of money and time," says Scott Hooks, GM of GBS Experts division. "To be effective, you must have the expertise to know what to do and the technology to do it."
Recent enhancements provided in Transformer 2.0 are:
  • Transformer Investigator -- collects statistics on which applications are being used, how often and by whom so that an organization can target which applications have the highest impact to transform.
  • Transformer Extension Library - allows a variety of enhancements to be applied to all aspects of transformed applications without writing any additional code.
  • GBS WebSpace -- is a web enabled version of the familiar Notes client Workspace.
  • Support of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Ability to maintain application business logic in LotusScript.
About GBS Enterprises, Inc.
GBS Enterprises (OTCBB:GBSX), is the parent company of Group Business Software which provides product and services for the IBM Lotus market. The company boasts more than 4,000 customers worldwide with more than 4 million users of their products and services. GBS has offices in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, London, Manchester, Copenhagen, and throughout Germany. Its European headquarters is in Frankfurt, Germany and North American headquarters is located in New York City. For more information please
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