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Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - A great time to own land in Argentina - A great time to own land in Argentina

July 24, 2013 ( newswire) This has been a painful year so far for Latin America 's farmers. From Colombia 's coffee heartlands to Argentina 's rolling pampas, farmers are being hit by falling prices. Sugar is down around 50% from its 2010 peak, while coffee has fallen by more than 50%. Cereals, which are also down 24%, look likely to take another hit later on this year as analysts expect America to deliver a record-breaking grain harvest. It's been a rude awakening.
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Unsurprisingly the price drops have scared investors. In times of a food crisis people often blame 'speculators', the non-agricultural investors who buy into soft commodities for pushing up the price. But it works both ways. When these speculators get cold feet they can often exacerbate price drops too. And that's exactly what's happening at the moment.


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